Kombucha Intervention

I work hard. I get lost in budgets and planning and meetings — my god the meetings. The details, the constant flow of pushing projects live and iterating and tweaking, always optimizing. And while it is fun to have increased responsibilities I have lost my creative channel. I’m not writing anymore. I’m not designing or building, I’m reviewing and critiquing. But as they say, you can’t bullshit a bullshitter so I do indeed recognize that this is not a real problem. It is up to me to make the time and to find the space to invent and create. So that’s what I plan to do, here, with Medium as my playground.

WTF does Kombucha Intervention mean?

I’m so glad you asked. A coworker of mine is one of those creatively brilliant borderline mad types. I absolutely love him to pieces. To catch my attention he wrote a fake eulogy about me themed around how he’d wished he had encouraged me to take the time to start intentionally creating and that I had so much to give. That’s right, he put in perspective what it would be like if I died, ha. And it worked, we now have a checks and balances system where we set aside a few minutes on our Monday weekly catch up meeting to poke and nag and hold each other accountable. We must take careful measure to make sure that we have been creating, exercising our minds, and exploring so that we don’t keep that energy bottled up and burst on each other as we so often do. The eulogy opened with, “I’m as shocked as anyone that we are here today. But none of us could have known that Kombucha was habit forming and toxic.” The “Kombucha Intervention” was born — it’s the new code for “have you been creating?”

So here we go! Keep it organic and keep it raw.

(Hmm my first hurdle: I don’t want to publish. I want to keep this as a draft for my eyes only! Something I can come back to, work on. I’m not ready to put myself out there. This is the Internet. I wrote this quickly. My grammar, it is likely off in more than one place. That sentence even. My kids. My future kids could read this one day. It’ll exist forever. Friday the 13th, 2015 my first Medium post. Perhaps I’ll save as a draft for a bit longer. Tweak my profile a bit. Ah sheee just post it, damnit! Put yourself out there, that’s what creating is all about! #hypocrite)