The #1 Form builder for Salesforce and all 5 stars on appexchange and here’s why:

What can I build with FormTitan?

Anything… we mean it. We have a saying in Titan ‘Treat it like a Lego’ and it means you can build it however you like. Above me mentioned some of the basic features but we also integrate following with forms:

Let me ask you something…….did you ever want to build a portal that integrates with Salesforce and had following features?

But how many companies can provide all those features above?

Answer: Only one…..Titan

There’s a reason why we have only 5 star reviews on our appexchange. Because we do the impossible but we treat it like ‘walk in the park’.

Check out video below where we show you how…

Titan Doc Sign…. the add-on that cost you nothing.

So you have your document generation tool and now you want to integrate legally binding signatures to it. What do you do? Go out and shop for an E-signature product? Pay more money?

With Titan you pay absolutely nothing for Titan Doc Sign, It’s automatically there for you ready to be switched on.

The process looks like this:

Our mission in this company is to get you acquainted with Titan and do it FAST. Document generation with Salesforce is often considered complex, needs lot of code or funky syntax, expensive per user or org, not dynamic enough and list goes on. Not with us.

So what’s new?

Clicks Only ‘The Titan Way’

Titan Document Generation Demo

5 features to take your word document generation to next level

Word document generation capability in Salesforce has always carried great significance. There are many reasons for word document generation such as contracts, quote, proposal, compliance document, waiver etc. But managing them is not always straightforward. If an organisation had to have a lot of work done to maintain and generate them From Salesforce, chances are they won’t bother doing them electronically. Another reason people don’t set about to get “electronically word generated document” is they feel it will take too long. Maybe that used to be true. But maybe you’re one of those people who are afraid of code, special…

What is progressive profiling?

Progressive profiling allows Salesforce clients to gather information incrementally instead of all in one go. Like a first meeting, it gets to know new customers and brings steady flow of information into your org.

What are the benefits?

Higher conversion rates — Human being will most likely choose path of least resistance. Shorter forms with fewer required fields normally have higher conversion rates.

Stress-free customer experience — Nobody likes to fill out forms over and over again. You may need some information now or more later. Progressive profiling allows you to cater forms per customer, based…


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