We put our driving skills to the test

The biggest race of the year was completed yesterday: the first ever Formula Salford Go-Karting Championship, where the fastest lap took home the bacon. Six contenders fighting to go down in history and be remembered in years to come as the first champion. The scene was set on a Wednesday afternoon at Teamsport Karting Manchester, home of a very tough track: 550m long with inclines, declines, hairpins and slippery surfaces.

The whole team was pumped and raring to go following the briefing whose intense music serenaded our competitiveness, but it was the moment that our feet first caressed the metal pedals of the electric karts that let us know it was game on. The first lap eased us into the track with patronising safety tests; it was the second lap that saw things get serious. Our right feet hit the floor and the squeaking of rubber being pushed to its limits echoed through the underground of the Northern Powerhouse.

Fifteen minutes passed in the blink of an eye, at which point all eyes turned to the leaderboard. First year business student Gabriele took top spot (and 10th fastest time of the week at Teamsport Manchester), with PhD student Pete the runner-up. However the real winner was dark horse Jack, who, despite being the only member of the team unable to drive, took 3rd spot ahead of Nicole, Josh and Marius who finished 4th, 5th and 6th respectively.

The second go round saw little change to the standings bar Nicole’s drop from 4th to 5th despite knocking over nine tenths off her time. Everyone improved their first times, with Pete edging into the top 10 times of the week and Gabriele rocketing to 4th in the same table (however he did break a few non-contact rules on more than one occasion but we’ll overlook that).

The experience might not directly influence our ability to build an F1 type car, but it was certainly a lot of fun. We’ll end this with the final standings and the everlasting words of Dale Earnhardt: “Second place is just the first loser”.

  1. 39.313 — Gabriele Bizzi
  2. 40.095 — Pete Morgan
  3. 41.103 — Jack McMaster
  4. 41.357 — Josh Lees
  5. 41.913 — Nicole Gallacher
  6. 43.092 — Marius Monoranu
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