Why Do Developers Like Apple Computers?

I develop iOS applications, so I need my Macbook Pro to do my work. Without having macOS, I couldn’t use Xcode. Without having Xcode, I can’t develop iOS applications. Or any Apple related apps, for that matter.

There are many other reasons for using a Mac, even if you don’t develop Apple apps.

  • Unix-based — On windows, I would install something like Putty to get a terminal window. On macOS, terminal (ssh) is already installed and works cleaner than on Windows. If you actually do a bit of coding, especially with APIs and frameworks and maybe even GitHub, you’d know how crucial this is.
  • Compatibility — Besides Xcode, there are other applications programmers wish to use that aren’t compatible with Linux (another OS). So this would be the argument between Linux vs macOS.
  • Great Computers — Apple just simply makes optimally engineered machines, especially for developers. It runs the applications cleaner without leaving much junk behind, like in Windows.
  • macOS — Pretty obvious point, but many developers/programmers want the Mac just like everyone else wants the Mac: for its operating system. Sure, it looks clean, but the main draw is the simplicity and ease-of-use of macOS.

Many people my say something about a hackintosh, but they often forget that Apple hardware is optimized to run macOS. Other computers aren’t even optimized to run Windows (download drivers, etc…), let alone macOS. Plus, there have been compatibility issues between hackintosh iOS apps and the App Store.