January Tuesday Food Meetup Highlights 2017

Hey, Everyone — Here are some highlights from this month’s community meetup* discussion:

  1. The Cobblestone Farmers Market Manager updated us on their team’s shared-use commercial kitchen project progress. This would be a rentable space for food businesses and entrepreneurs to manufacture commercial food products in a certified facility. They’re looking at other examples of incubators & shared-use kitchens to learn best practices before beginning the project here in #WSNC. Another round of community input sessions will be held this spring. You can follow their updates here: Winston-Salem Shared Kitchen Project.
  2. A desire was expressed for access to more urban farm space that is affordable to rent for those interested in urban agriculture, and more space for farmers markets.
  3. There’s a need for space to create a cooperative grocery store, farmers’ market, and/or growers space. FCFC is looking to connect some dots by putting those interested in creating cooperatively-owned businesses in touch with Cooperation Winston.
  4. This month’s group collectively wanted more transparency from Winston-Salem city government, and requested that FCFC advocate for not only transparency in their actions around food and the local economy, but for particular policies that would benefit groups like urban farmers, local farmers’ markets, and food entrepreneurs. Interest was shared for a public forum with City Council.
  5. Liberty Street Market: There were a number of questions around this space and interest continues to grow in figuring out how to use it for a viable food market.

It’s great to see so much interest and energy mounting around local food issues here in Winston-Salem. These issues/opportunities are definitely on our radar and we’re always looking for interested people to help push progress forward.

*Our Tuesday Food MeetUp meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month from 1–2pm at The Enterprise Center. You can follow our official FB page to stay in the loop (Forsyth Community Food Consortium), sync with our calendar (www.forsythlocalfood.org/calendar), and keep an eye on this group for updates & news on local food.

Originally published at Forsyth Community Food Consortium.