In the past few years, study after study has shown that creating a culture of belonging can have a huge impact on overall employee engagement and performance levels.

A workplace with a culture of belonging is a place where everyone feels included and psychologically safe, without having to modify who they are. Belonging means that employees feel they can bring their authentic selves to work and know that they will not only be accepted, but also valued.

When managers cultivate belonging for their teams and employees, it boosts employee productivity and helps prevent burnout. The rationale behind this is that…

Recruiting the top professionals in your field is almost always excessively difficult; while you may have 100 applicants for a single position, you only want one of them — and four other companies are wooing the exact same candidate.

Every business owner and hiring manager know that there’s a constant war for the best talent, trying to find ways to edge out their competitors to get the best people. They try to offer higher salaries, offer more benefits, and offer more important-sounding job titles. All businesses do this, so to win the fight for the best candidate, you need to…

Culture Wins

Holistic Culture Scaling Platform — Culture Alignment Screening, Engagement Measurement, Real-time Polling Feedback and Analytics for Culture First Companies.

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