Forty Seven Bank’s ICO — Results

Dear followers and contributors!

We’re happy to announce that Forty Seven ICO has successfully finished. We’re not accepting contributions anymore.

For us It was a breathtaking experience and because of your support and belief in the project we’ve managed to succeed! We’d like to thank all and every one of you for making this project a reality.

To summarise things up:

  • Forty Seven reached it’s Soft-cap of 900 000 FSBT;
  • Forty Seven reached 4 times it’s Soft-cap and issued a total of 3 699 483 FSBT;
  • 4378 unique contributors participated in the ICO;
  • 4566 unique bounty hunters helped us to make this project a success;
  • Our active Telegram communities count more than 11 260 unique users;
  • Forty Seven’s ANN post on Bitcointalk was active all the time and grew up to 292 pages in size!
  • Our Bounty post became 441 pages big!
  • 4906 people are constantly following us on twitter!
  • Because of your interest, our blog posts often topped Medium sections: “Payments”, “Fintech” and “Banking”;
  • Our website was translated to 15 languages.

All that was possible only because of our dear community!

Right now we are continuing to work on the project according to our roadmap. In the coming month we will update Forty Seven’s website to post-ICO stage to better reflect the state of things.

During last four days we’ve been doing our bounty campaign calculations, which you can find here:
Forty Seven Bounty Campaign Calculations

We will start issuing bounty tokens next week. Total of 180 000 FSBT bounty tokens will be issued.

During the next two weeks we will announce the exchanges FSBT token is going to be listed on. Each exchange we will be enter will be separately announced in our official social media profiles and on Medium blog, so you won’t be able to miss them.

Yours sincerely,
Forty Seven Team

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