Jump-starting 2016

2016 is here and I’ve finally had my first run of the year. I had been away for the last two weeks to India and Sri Lanka and sadly on this break I couldn’t get a single run in. Trivandrum, Kerala where I come from is a beautiful place but there are really no places to go running. It was hot and the roads are not conducive or equipped for running. Although I missed my morning runs, this was also the perfect opportunity to give my legs and muscles a bit of a rest. Given how much I ran last year, my body definitely deserved a bit of time off.

I got back to London a couple of days ago and had to wait until today to run given the jet-lag and the long journey back. I woke up early this morning and got out for my first run of the year only to be shocked at how pitch-dark 7:30am was. But I guess this is January and it is dark and cold and I’m glad it didn’t put me off. My body struggled a bit but I got a good 10k run in. It was one of my favourite routes today to Primrose Hill and back. I hope today is the start of many, many more runs and races this year.

10k Run at Primrose Hill this morning
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