My Chaotic Few Weeks

Its been a few weeks now since I’ve been on my blog. The Rio Olympics 2016 begins today and what better day than today to come back here to write. Anyway I’m here now and long story short, the last few weeks have been so chaotic for me. I travelled to India 4 weeks ago on a quick trip and as soon as I got back moved houses! In one of my posts last year, I had written about how our flat ceiling came down thanks to a massive water accident and how we had to move out quickly to find new accommodation. Well, its been a year and we’ve moved back to the same neighbourhood we left behind. It feels amazing to be back and I’m enjoying the familiarity and space. I’ve also had house guests for the last 3 weeks and its been extremely hectic trying to get everything done and also squeeze in my runs. Along with house guests, my daughter M is on holiday and my husband J on a new job so I need to wake up and run really early to get the miles in. In the last 3 weeks I’ve been up at 4:45am trying to get out the door by 5:20am. Its been really tough and exhausting to be up so early but I’ve been managing so far. I’ve been putting in a set 12km each run but nothing more. In the coming weeks, I’m hoping to get back into a proper training schedule to face my various half marathon challenges in autumn.

Running makes me stronger, helps me face challenges and makes me a better me.

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