My November 2015 100 mile Challenge

November has always been the toughest and most threatening month for me. 14 years ago I lost my dad in an accident on the 13th of November and last year on the 2nd I lost my mum to kidney disease amongst her other struggles. Work wise as well, November is such a challenging month as I need to prepare for all my events in the run up to Christmas. As I run my own business, it’s so important for me to be fully switched on especially at this time of the year. Given that this month was going to be a struggle on all fronts, I thought it was so important for me to set a challenging yet doable running goal.

As its winter in London, November and December are low racing months and that meant I had to create my own challenge. I decided to set a running goal of 100miles in November. I knew it was tough but reasonable enough to complete if I stuck to 3 consistent runs a week. I ran 50kms in week 1, 40kms in week 2 and 3 and 50kms in week 4 adding to over 110 miles. In this month I ran 2 half marathons and split the rest between 10–15kms each run.

Running in November through my favourite routes to complete my challenge

Completing this challenge in such a hard month feels like an amazing accomplishment. There were no medals this month or any races but the feeling of just running alone for over 100miles was great for my mind and body. I want to dedicate these 100 miles to Dad and I hope he’s in the best place ever.

Dad and me — Nepal, September 1999
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