Race 24 and 25 — Middle Temple Half Marathon (Saturday, 29 October 2016) and My 127 mile October Running Month

On Saturday, I did a Half Marathon to the Middle Temple and back. It was my dad’s 15th death anniversary . My dad was a barrister and he studied at the Middle Temple back in 1961. To feel more closer to him, I decided to run to his alma mater and remember him in a very special way. The route was long but fairly flat and once I got there I was so overwhelmed by the large campus. That being said, it was a very beautiful and old campus and I spent a fair bit running inside. It was great to be there and run thinking of my dad. I took a lot of pictures so instead of writing more, I want to create a visual image of my run. Race 24 is very special to me and I’m really glad that its a part of my Fortyby40 challenge.

As part of my Fortyby40, this month I clocked in the highest number of miles of the year — 127! I ran 3 half marathons in October and a lot of miles as part of the training. I’m so proud that this forms a part of my 25th race/challenge.

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