Race 27 — Victoria Park Half Marathon, Saturday 19, 2016

On Saturday, I ran the Victoria Park Half marathon as part of my Fortyby40 challenge. Of all the races I’ve done, I feel this was one of my toughest. The route itself was flat but extremely boring and monotonous, it was 6.5 laps of the park so at some point it started feeling like a bit of a punishment. To top it off, it was unbearably cold that day, 3 degrees or less. I live in North London and it took me a while to get to East London to Tower Hamlets where the start was. I got in really early and had to wait a good 2 hours in the extreme cold to start. I assumed that the park would have a cafe and I could wait inside, but I couldn’t find one. As it was too cold to sit and wait on a bench, I kept pacing up and down to trying keep myself warm and ended up expending a lot of energy doing that. My feet were frozen and I couldn’t feel them for a good one lap into the race. I knew right from the start that this was going to be a tough one for me as I was already quite exhausted from the wait in the cold. I paced myself slower than normal and the sole intention was to complete the race. The route was a complete let down as it was very monotonous. I completed in about 2:20, a slow one but definitely glad I completed. Some race days are great and some not so great. This one will feature in the latter category but I’m really glad I had this experience as I’m sure this will make me a tougher runner. Running a half with frozen feet and blue lips, definitely mind over body!

Some images from the race: