Race 37 — Bridge Gate Spring Half Marathon — Monday 07 March 2017

I simply love the word spring and its so delightful to see the season changing. Winter racing hasn’t been the best for my knees. Dodging the ice and frost left my knees feeling weak and with some pain. Since then, I’ve been foam rolling religiously after each run and that seems to have made a big difference. I think we are done with the ice and frost (fingers crossed) so bring on Spring!

Today’s March Half Marathon was tough. We had so much rain yesterday and my route was full of dirt and slush. I can’t say that I hate slush, off late I’m even starting to enjoy running in slush, the dirt feels liberating somehow! I couldn’t run fast in the slush as I was worried that I’ll slip but its been fun nevertheless. It was a sunny day today and the run felt nice with this feeling of Spring all around. Some images from my half-marathon today:

Garmin Stats:

My timing wasn’t great as most of my route was on dirt roads, but I’m glad I chose this run as part of my Fortyby40 challenge.

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