Running in Autumn and my Marathon Upset

The weather is changing in London. In the past few weeks we’ve seen a lot a rain and it’s getting a bit cooler. There’s less light, leaves are falling and we have clear signs of fall. I think living here, we are quite fortunate to experience each season and running in each season is different and memorable. During my training run this morning I took a moment to just look at autumn that’s now upon us. It’s definitely perfect running weather as there’s that cool nip in the air. The parks are pretty with this change in season and I feel fortunate to be able to enjoy and run.

Sadly there has been a change in my training plan. I was originally planning to run my first big marathon in Florence in November. I just realised yesterday that I need to be a member of the IAAF and also get a fitness sports medical certificate to run it. It’s a bit of a pain and also expensive to get this sorted so I’ve decided to leave it for now and pursue the London marathon in Spring 2016. I’m really disappointed but think it’s for the best to leave it for Spring. For the moment I need to continue to train for two more half marathons in the next two months. I’ve also had a bit of a nagging pain in my right ankle so keeping a watch on it and trying to take it slow and steady. Lots of KT tape and magnesium soaks. I hope it doesn’t affect my training. In the meantime I’m going to enjoy the runs that I can get to do in this new season. Here are a few photos I took this morning at Kenwood, Heath.