Walking (a.k.a. cross-training) in the Cotswolds

Living in the UK, we crave for sunshine and warm weather. So when the weekend forecast says sunshine, you leave everything else aside and head for the outdoors. This weekend was the first one in this entire year that promised sunshine at 20 degrees. As soon as we heard that we quickly packed our bags and headed for the Cotswolds. The weather was perfect with lots of sunshine. This month is also Jay’s birthday so this seemed like a perfect getaway to celebrate it.

If you have glorious sunshine and are in the countryside you have no option but to lace up and head out. This is precisely what we did. Considering I have been training the last 8 weeks for my upcoming Liverpool half next weekend (I had to take a few days off last week thanks to a nasty fall) I thought this walk would make a great cross training exercise. We had a nice lunch at the New Inn Pub at Colns St Andrews and the 3 of us headed out for an 8k walk.

We walked along the river Coln passed rolling hills and untouched nature. It was green and such a treat for the eyes. M had a blast climbing the hills and then running down in full speed. There was not another human in sight but we had plenty of sheep to keep us company. The air was fresh and the route pretty. This was a tough 8k walk but one that we truly enjoyed. I’m so grateful we got to spend this afternoon outside in the Cotswolds and also put in some much needed cross training. I have lots of photos and here are some.

8km walk in the Cotswolds

On our second day in the Cotswolds we went to this village called Lacock. The village is really quaint and owned mostly by the National Trust. We decided to drive up there and explore the historic Lacock Abbey and grounds. This village is also popular as a film location with movies like Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice filmed here. We walked quite a bit and explored the cloisters, the abbey and the lovely grounds. I didn’t want to do too much of walking as it was technically my rest day but enjoyed it thoroughly. I also succumbed to a massive high tea; huge calories but was way too tempting! Tapering week coming up and the Liverpool half on Sunday! Here are some photos of day 2 at the Cotswolds.

Lacock Abbey and grounds
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