Nigerians and their tradition… (A peace of my mind)

I live in a country where those who are meant to be judge, judge others (the saints). Who are the saints? The freelancers that offers services to humanity irrespective of their status quo (rich, poor, sick or jobless). They may probably hit on a joint or too to make their day a better one. The truth about this country, is the way the traditions are been exploited by most of the sole called leaders of different instituition (churches, Mosque, community and more). Most of them do not actually understand the reason why a chore or work should be done the right way, and most of them are too brilliant to actually wait and pull out one conversation or too because they believe the person in question might be knowledgeably archaic.

Until you start looking at the other person as someone who has a right to whatever he or she wants to do without affecting the neighbor. Then you are not allowed to interfere with their matters, need you talk about it to someone else. Let us review our tradition and see where it has gotten us; it has brought more looters and thieves, almost every single boy i know now wants to make money the fast way. I hope we all come back quick and make something happen. With love to my country with no other hard feelings…

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