How E-mail Marketing helps Enterprises ?

Email marketing is very important just like social media because , it provides a platform to get your content served in front of your target audience and when people do subscribe to your email list, they are signing up to continue to get your content, means they are trusting your brand , which helps build your audience.

It’s your dream to have lots of people reading your content, but your biggest return from content marketing is likely to be from those few people who reads all of the content you produce. You’re not just another guy with a blog in a list of search results to your loyal subscribers, you’re the guy who writes awesome content, knows his shit, and has their trust and you dont want to loose that .

Distribution channels like email newsletters and social media communities gives you the chance to build this loyal following, rather than just relying on SEO to drive traffic to your site and get yourself in front of new potential customers.

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