Know What Your Friends Are Interested In & Share Through FosterGem!!!!

Remember those days in the past when we had all the time in the world to discuss the topics that interested us and share our views about the latest news with our friends. It was wonderful to comment, argue and state your viewpoints among the people who mattered to us. It’s sad but true, that time and distance has created an invisible barrier and we are no longer in touch with our friends, even family and what interests them. FosterGem has come up with an excellent feature, “From Friends”, which enable all those who want to be a part of their loved ones lives, to read as well as share the different content of their interests.

Usually, the various platforms of social media like Twitter and Facebook, involve a combination of texts, posts, images, videos and links. It is very difficult to find relevant articles or content shared by your friends among all this. In order to find a few articles or links of interest, which are shared by your friends on Facebook and Twitter, you will have to monitor and go through a lot of posts and messages and so on. This is where the “From Friends” feature of FosterGem is useful. We archive all the links/articles shared by your friends on various social media and remove everything else, such as posts that don’t contain any links. Hence, through FosterGem, you can discover quality content without the interference of all the noise in the social media platforms.

How does From Friends feature in FosterGem help you?

  • You can stay updated with news and interesting articles that your friends are reading and sharing on the Internet.
  • Share your interests and favorite content, be it in the form of news or articles, with anyone and everyone on your friends list with the click of a button.
  • Avail this feature by connecting to your Twitter account (Facebook and LinkedIn connect will also be available in the future).
  • You can not only see what your friends are sharing but can share the same with others in turn by installing the Twitter and Facebook apps alongside with FosterGem. But if all you want to do, is to view what your friends are sharing then you don’t need to install the social media apps, as you can connect via the browser itself.
  • Find, read and share any links, articles or news that you like from your friends on Facebook, Twitter, your Email account (such as Gmail, Yahoo), SHAREit and so on.
  • Stay connected with your friends and family, irrespective of the time and distance barrier created by our modern mechanical lives.

How to use From Friends?

Click on the “From Friends” icon on your home page and it will take you to the screen as shown in the first image. Here click on “Connect your social accounts” button. This will direct you to the next page as shown in the second image. Click on “Connect with Twitter” button. As of now, updates from friends are available only for Twitter users. We will be releasing the same feature for Facebook and Linkedin users in the future.

Now, the next step is to authorize FosterGem to use your Twitter account by logging in your Twitter credentials as seen in the third image. FosterGem will successfully connect to your account once you click on “OK”. From now on you will be able to get all the updates about news and articles shared by your friends on Twitter. You can also share the posts that you like with your friends, followers and family through Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Email account, SHAREit and so on as you can see in the fourth image.

Go ahead and have a blast by finding, reading and sharing all your favorite news with everyone through FosterGem