Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork: Profit Opportunity? Part. 1

At the beginning of the Year 2019, the price of ETH has been gradually increasing from $80 to $140, in part, because of Ethereum Constantinople hard fork, which will take place in the middle of January 2019.

The rebound in ETH price is a reflection of people’s expectations of Ethereum Constantinople hard fork. Different from the case of previous BCH hard fork, almost everyone holds the opinion that Ethereum will become better after the Constantinople hard fork, which directly results in the significant price increase of ETH.

The upgrade of Ethereum has always been a concern. Recollecting the past five hard forks, the market fluctuations before and after the hard fork were all quite fierce. The price trend of rising after the announcement and then falling after the release seems to be a curse that has yet to be broken.

The table above is about the analysis of price changes before and after the past five Ethereum hard fork. According to historical records, the Dao, EIP 150, and Spurious Dragon were not on the roadmap, and the reason why they happened was to solve immediate system problems. For these three hard forks, the price trends before and after forks were precisely the same, risking sharply on the eve of the fork day until reaching the peak on the fork day and then falling gradually.

Regarding the other two hard forks on the above table, Homestead and Byzantium hard forks, which were on the roadmap, the ETH price kept increasing and reached the peak on the eve of the fork, while after the fork, the price immediately showed a significant decline and gradually stabilized after 30 days.

The nearing Constantinople hard fork, same as Homestead and Byzantium, was on the roadmap, will the price trend be the same case? Of course, time will tell. However, according to the current Ethereum market situation, the possibility of a price decline after the fork will be similarly significant.

So, faced with the price decline forecast, what should investors do to reduce the risk of losing money or even make profits?

Please stay tuned for Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork: Profit Opportunity? Part. 2!

Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork: Profit Opportunity? Part. 2

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