Weekly Fortuna News, Issue 027

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Please find the weekly edition of Fortuna News below! As always, thank you for being a great community, and enjoy the read!

Founder Brian Cai’s Foreword

On January 9th, 2018, Xiaoping Xu, founder of ZhenFund, announced that the revolution of blockchain is coming, and it is a significant technological revolution which allows those adopters to prosper and those resisters to perish. He also called on people to open their arms to embrace the impacts that blockchain will bring to all walks of life.

Ever since then, blockchain has soon been under the spotlight. All the newbies were crazy about it and invested all their money into the world of crypto.

On August 15th, 2018, the total market value of cryptos is less than 200 billion USD, 70% lower compared with seven months ago.

Currently, we rarely hear slogans like “All in.” Instead, we ’ll stand a chance to hear things like “Hodl”and “Perseverance Prevails.”

This round of bear market will last for a long time. It ’s pretty hard to predict when it will come to an end. Only by self-sufficient can one live well both in the bear and bull market.

If the bear market stays still till the end of this year, the impacts are as follows:

First of all, a large number of projects will be shut down. To be more specific, their core team will no longer function, or they just switched their business direction.

Secondly, those projects which dedicated to building infrastructure will go bankrupt. A feeding-frenzy will ensue. As we all know, it’s quite hard for those technology-driven projects which specialized in providing blockchain infrastructure to make profits in the short run. If they’re insufficient in cash reserves, then their core members will be more likely to be poached by other A-level projects.

Thirdly, no blockchain business application-oriented project has found out a full set of profit models. Therefore, the trial and error model will be significantly narrowed in the bear market. This will, in turn, cause the failure to meet profit demand raised by investors.

Visual Fortuna
Technology Research and Development


  1. We’ll start an overall internal test for the FOTA platform, including functions, API, performance, security, etc.
  2. On the server side, we’re on the process of refining code and data sheet.
  3. On the mobile side, the iteration was right on schedule. We’ll put most of the development work to an end, and thus leave more time for next iteration cycle.

Quantitative Modeling

  1. To better deal with the market volatility, we took the momentum into consideration in the current market making strategies.
  2. Made use of more crypto to backtest the pricing of derivatives.
  3. Further refined functions of our trading platform.
  4. Saved transaction record to the database.
Marketing and PR

Chinese Community Operation

  1. Daily maintenance, topic guidance of our Telegram group.
  2. Implemented and optimized activities to activate the community.
  3. Confirmed promotional events for the FOTA platform as well as their schedule.
  4. Selection of customer service system.

Overseas Community Operation

  1. Daily maintenance, data analysis of official English, Korean and Russian community.
  2. Attended 2018 Miami Blockchain Summit.
  3. Made schedule for a face-to-face talk in New York.
  4. Prepared copywriting for FOTA’s overseas activities.
  5. Recruitment of overseas Google/Facebook optimization personnel.

Content Operation

  1. Published WeChat official account articles. Daily news feed and maintenance of our self-established media channels.
  2. Conducted data analysis of the contents released before.
  3. Updated official promotion contents in Chinese, English, Russian, and Korean.
  4. Prepared and proofread the copywriting for pages of the FOTA platform.
  5. Continuously pushed forward SEO.
  6. Had Brian and Fortuna’s official Weibo account certified, and further refined their contents.
  1. Made researches about our competitors from both home and abroad.
  2. Made proper preparations for the upcoming FOTA platform.
  3. Contacted multiple activity organizers, projects, and media channels.
Talent Hunting
  1. Reviewed a total of 161 resumes this week. 29 candidates were given face-to-face interviews and 4 persons were hired.
  2. Daily register of the newly-recruited employees.
  3. Follow-up on decoration of our new office.

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