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Hangzhou, China Bitcoin丨Cryptocurrency Futures and Options Exchanges

Branding Progress

FOTA.com reached a cooperation intention with Planet which is a value sharing platform based on blockchain ecology.

FOTA.com digital options trading supports Dogecoin, Dogecoin is an open source peer-to-peer digital currency, favored by Shiba Inus worldwide.

Before the end of January 2019, FOTA.com digital options trading start to support Dogecoin. Previously, FOTA.com reached a strategic intention with Planet in a bond attempt to improve the game ecology on Planet. Currently, FOTA.com has officially launched two types of digital options (ATM and OTM) on both PC and mobile end.

Interview with PM Yao Lei

Project Progress

On January 17, 2019, FOTA.com officially launched digital options on the mobile version.


Technology Research and Development


Options trading is online on the mobile end, supporting two terms of digital options including ATM and OTM;

FOTA.com has been further optimized for better smoothness;

Option basic data service development starts.

Quantitative Modeling

Optimize the strategy programmatic billing logic;

Write an options strategy backtesting platform;

Optimize strategy parameters on different Klines.


Community operations

Daily maintenance of Chinese, English, Russian, and Korean communities and topic guidance;

User feedback suggestions at home and abroad;

Option king activity execution and statistics;

Rebate ratio background configuration management.

Content Operation

Daily content maintenance of official social media accounts at home and abroad;

The official content of Chinese, English, Russian and Korean is updated at the same time;

Content under Support adjustment and optimization;

Domestic social media bi-weekly plan;

Overseas SEO continuous optimization.

Customer Service

Continuous finishing and modification of customer service and its robot knowledge base at home and abroad;

Daily manual customer service online response at home and abroad;

Domestic support@fota.com mailbox and tickets reply;

KYC verification review, security review of significant asset withdrawal and new demands arrangements;

Korean customer service optimization including language knowledge base;

Organize customer service duty process and duty records.


Engage with multiple derivatives teams, community service providers, and media to build strategic partnerships.

Talent Hunting

Further summary for talent review;

Make a plan for 2019;

Recruit and follow-ups.

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