Weekly Fortuna News, Issue 050

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Hangzhou, China Bitcoin丨Cryptocurrency Futures and Options Exchanges

Project Progress

On 24 January 2019, A new options trading pair, Dogecoin, is officially launched at FOTA.com both on the PC and App version.

Dogecoin is an open source peer-to-peer digital currency, favored by Shiba Inus worldwide.

Community Highlight

Event on Options Contest has ended on 22 January 2019, with 320000 FOTA distributed as rewards to winners within 7 days. which received extensive attention from the global community and we’d like to express our appreciation.

Public Relations

How time flies! China’s 2019 Spring Festival is approaching, on the occasion of this festive season, Cointime launched a program named Winter Blockchain Elites Awaiting Spring aiming to review the past and think about a new year of blockchain industry.

Brian Cai, Founder & CEO of FOTA.com

Brian Cai, Founder & CEO of Fortuna, wishes everyone a happy and auspicious Year of the Pig. In the new year, he expects to open a new era of trustless trading in blockchain industry, making the world more transparent, efficient and free.

Fortuna Visual Recap

Technology Research and Development


Further optimization and fixes on the mobile end;

Basic data service development on Options;

Adding new trading pair, Dogecoin, supporting both Spot and Options trade

Quantitative modeling

Multi-K line optimization of self-operating strategy parameters;

Adding the print P&L record;

Complete the development of the option backtesting platform and optimize the pricing parameters;

Complete the development of a single-category CTA strategy base class template.

Marketing Operation


Daily maintenance of Chinese, English, Russian and Korean communities and topic guidance;

User feedback suggestions collection at home and abroad;

Event on Opinions Contest execution and statistics;

Event rewards distribution;

Rebate ratio background configuration and management.


Daily content maintenance of official social media accounts at home and abroad;

Synchronizing update of official content of Chinese, English, Russian and Korean;

Bi-weekly plan complete and review social media at home and abroad;

Content production supporting Dogecoin pair at FOTA.com

Customer Service

Robot Knowledge optimization at customer system base;

IM, Tickets, and Email response;

Review of KYC verification and significant asset withdrawal;

Online support operator duty organization and records.


Overseas markets service providers engagement;

Engage with a strategic partnership with a number of overseas social media and KOL

Talent Hunting

Review of 2018 business contracts;

Recruit follow-up;

Career optimization for within FOTA.com.

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