Weekly Fortuna News, Issue 052

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Please find the weekly edition of Fortuna News below! As always, thank you for being a great community, and enjoy the read!

Product Progress

  1. FOTA app options parameter configuration;
  2. Options data statistics report;
  3. Futures and options bugs repair.

Wei Zhu Interview

Public Relations

On 29th Jan 2019, Brain Cai, the CEO of Fortuna, was interviewed by 8BTC(a well-known Chinese mainstream blockchain media). He said, “Intermediary agencies take up 99.9% of the financial industry”.

“The essence of finance is the exchanges of values based on time and space. In the mature financial market, professional intermediary agencies enjoy the highest profit proportion, followed by information intermediary agencies. And trust intermediary agencies have the lowest profit proportion. The value of blockchain in the financial field depends on whether blockchain can reduce the transaction cost and expand the transaction scope or not in the long development process of finance”, said Brain.

Quantitative Modeling

  1. Improve the option pricing backtesting model;
  2. Test new market-making strategies and complete the perpetual quarterly contract arbitrage strategy;
  3. Write a template for a multi-variety portfolio trading programmatic trading strategy.


  1. Daily maintenance of Chinese, English, Russian and Korean communities and topic guidance;
  2. User feedback suggestions collection at home and abroad;
  3. Event rewards distribution;
  1. Daily content maintenance of official social media accounts at home and abroad;
  2. Synchronizing update of official content of Chinese, English, Russian and Korean;
  3. Bi-weekly plan completion and review social media at home and abroad;
Customer Service
  1. Robot Knowledge optimization at the customer system base;
  2. IM, Tickets, and Email response;
  3. Review of KYC verification and significant asset withdrawal;
  4. Online support operator duty organization and records;
  1. Overseas markets service providers engagement;
  2. Engage with a strategic partnership with a number of overseas social media and KOL;

Talent Hunting

  1. 2018 year-end report;
  2. Staff structure optimization and upgrade;
  3. Implementation of a recruitment plan for the year 2019;
  4. Study of the new policy and make necessary adjustments;

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