The powerful neo-Nazi network destroying the European Union from within
Nafeez Ahmed

Before my comments, first some background about me. I grew up in the Netherlands and of Moroccan origin ( born in Morocco and came to Holland when I was 6 years old, now 50 years old). I’ve studied here in Holland, work and see myself more as a man of planet Earth before anything else. I’m also aware of historical facts regarding the emigrant population here in the Netherlands and how they were brought over from their countries of origin in order to help rebuild Holland after the WW2 era. The idea, from both the emigrants who were literally brought over here and the Dutch policies were “tuned” at return after the economy was growing well and the land was rebuild. Even my parents had that idea of returning back “home”. Reality is different and time showed that it is not that simple or straight forward to do so.

In my case, my parents were educated people , speaking Arabic, French and Dutch, education was important to them. Even so, they too had the idea to return back to Morocco.

As I grew up, studied, found work, bought a house, married , got children, divorced etc etc It is became clear that it is not so realistic to think that it is so easy to return back “home”!

Having stated that, I’m also not blind to the lack of integration from the part of some (Muslim) migrants here. The fault for this hiatus to my opinion and experience within this society is to be found, on, first the side of the migrants and partially on the side of the policies during the past 60+ years in Holland, that lacks the clear vision based on reality that was going on(people tied to work, paying mortgages /loans/rent, getting children etc…). Religion to my idea is not the fault on it self , I’m Muslim myself and my understanding of the Koran (I only read the Koran , not Hadith’s) is one of universalism, realism, reasoning, peace, promoting science, knowledge, understanding and acceptance of the “other” (non Muslims, LGBT people and any one else). A phrase in the Koran states “ there is no compulsion in religion” And “leave the other in peace” . Other verses that state the right to fight the other , is exclusively within the context of agression towards one’s self (Invaders or others who want to harm you).

Also, no one needs a book to know how to behave as a responsible person, know what to do to have a good chance at a successful life. These things should be and are universal traits of being human.

Some times I can get frustrated by my “fellow” “Muslims” who behave like “retards” and spew some incomprehensible nonsense that go even against any view of reality. So if even I can get angry, as just mentioned, then imagine how a non educated or racist, Western person can be instead!

There are also other factors in play here. Even if all Muslims were never associated with terrorism anywhere and were integrated well into Western societies, even then there would’ve been a “reason” to marginalize them, because of pure racism and religious reasons!

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