Their looks is not the issue here.
Hildegerd Haugen

The question is, as always more important than the answer itself. Pose the following Questions yourself for a moment.

Have “we” (West) colonised, occupied, slauthered, stole, plundered others?

If so, (is of course a fact), then what would you do, or feel towards those terrorists and criminals who committed these atrocities against you,your family, country etc ?

I’m not hinting at legitimizing “counter terrorrism” here, but state merely the historical facts to lay bare one of the fundamental aspects of the current situation in Europe and the “backward”, non conformist Muslims, as they’re mainly perceived by the (far) right. And even progressives in the Middle!

There’s a lot more to mention here. May I suggest reading/watching Noam Chomsky to have a more and accurate academic view on these matters.

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