Project 2 :: WIP 03

Start here if you’re new to my re-occuring monthly project series (this is only #2 so I know it’s technically not a series yet) you can find a quick recap and links to project 1. You can also keep reading that article if you’re coming into this project now and are wondering what the hell I’m talking about.

More from a working slob

As suspected, day job + personal project = slowed WAAAAAY the fuck down. I’m deeply grateful to have an entire month on this one compared to the 2 weeks I had on project 1. In terms of total hours this one may come in under the last one (don’t worry I’m not about to start making myself fill out timesheets). however, I am going to be starting a project that’s going to require a few hours of commuting every day so I may be able to squeeze in work on this during the drive. Failing that I’ll start praying I end up with a meeting happy producer so I at least get time to doodle.

Here’s all the new sketches since Monday. Some exploration of landscape assets, character design, quick type exploration (I’m digging the effects of a Pentel brush pen that’s almost out of ink). This is way less than I wanted by today but it’s all I got. I’ll be re-assessing the remaining time and my schedule on Friday.

Some Old Business

After my last WIP I had a few people ask me about the guy w/ the chainsaw on this page. If you watch the trailer to Ride The Divide at the very beginning is a shot of a guy w/ a dog and a truck. In the doc they meet him and chat w/ him for a few minutes. He’s this crazy lumberjack that works way out in the cuts of Alberta. Just a bushy beard a rough tan and just few enough teeth to look crazy when he smiles. I felt like if I build a generic enough human rig I could make other characters. I’ve had a little practice making humanoid characters before so I don’t think it’ll be to bad.

A test walk cycle I made for an old project

Second thing I keep getting questions on are the brain drawings. The Tour Divide is considered the longest, most intense, off road endurance race in the world. Endurance and the toll an event like this takes on your body is totally something I think I should at least acknowledge. From my own experience riding I know there’s a trance like state you can get into while doing harder stuff like climbing. A friend of mine who’s a distance rider himself (currently training for this foolishness) explained to me a concept known as “the pain cave” something like this:

It’s that place you go in your head when you’re doing something difficult that there’s no way around. You just sit in your cave and wait until it’s over.

I absolutely love the idea of a brain on a bike in a cave making it’s own pain cave face. Pair that w/ the fact that I’ve been digging into some Sam Harris lately and he’s got a whole thing in Waking Up about the illusion of the self and the feeling of being a passive viewer located just behind the eyes. It’s really just a silly cartoon of a brain but you can read metaphysically into it if you want. I know I will.

Some New Business

Lastly, I wanted to start adding a new regular section to my posts. I’m gonna call it INPUT. The idea being that as I’m making these projects I’m going to be absorbing things. Some directly related, some indirectly. This media will no doubt be influencing what I’m working on weather consciously or not. I think it’d be fun to look at when the project is done to and assess what had the biggest influences and weather or not it was intentional. If nothing else it’ll be a way to share the stuff I’m into and for any of y’all reading this to dig into the weird shit that finds it’s way to me. So without further adieu:


Waking Up — Sam Harris

But I’m a Nice Guy — Scott Benson

Henry’s Dream — Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Sleep Talk — Shannon & The Clams

Summertime ’06 — Vince Staples

Danger Doom — MF Doom and Danger Mouse

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