Baby Killing


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Blue State Models are getting massacred due to their viewpoint that the public market is an ATM which keeps on giving. Running up large debt expenses to meet the ever-expanding social needs of its people with taxpayer cash — isn’t a sustainable practice. Eventually debt catches up to the debtor — be it an individual or a state. With that being said, states like Illinois, Massachusetts, Kentucky, New Jersey and Connecticut have burgeoning debt expenses with no way to pay their bills. My best guess is over-extended Blue Modeled States will eventually get bailed out by the Federal Government — creating a long-term ‘Moral Hazard’ for future generations, leaders and individuals. Survival of the fittest works. Let the weak die and the rest will prosper. Keep the weak around and we will all be dragged to the depths with the pathetic weaklings who never learned to evolve in an ever-changing universe.

The price of oil has fallen to a new 52/week low — almost 2% today pushing the price per barrel to $43.58 — the weakest price since November of last year. Energy investors who bought into the fundamental downturn in the oil market hoping for a quick rebound — at the end of 2014 have gotten burned. The price has somewhat recovered from the historical lows of 2016 — but nonetheless — $40–50/bbl looks like the new $90–100/bbl. Personally, I have found a few noteworthy gems in the O&G market worth a second look. Many service firms are selling significantly below their liquidation value. I’m getting close to pulling the trigger.

The Foul Wall Street Diaries: Baby Killing

Jessica has formerly forgiven me after I took her out to dinner at the renowned Le Bernardin last night. I had the Diced Marinated Red Snapper, Finger Lime, Jicama, Baby Corn and Spiced Tomatillo Nage, with two glasses of high-end vodka and soda-water. Jessica had the Geoduck Sashimi, Shaved Radishes and Ginger-Ponzu Dressing with a bottle of 2009 Chateau Margaux Balthazar wine — that was quite delectable. Wearing her classy Herve Leger Off-the-Shoulder Red Long-Sleeve Bandage Dress by Neiman Marcus told me Jessica was looking to treat her sexual appetite. The last thing I wanted to do was fuck Jessica. My mind was wholly focused on one thing — Janie. To fend off Jessica’s sexual desires, I slipped a couple of downers in her wine when she wasn’t looking.

After dinner we headed back to my upscale penthouse. On the way to the penthouse Jessica was extremely, hands on; touchy in the back of the taxi, lips all over my neck. Before the downers officially hit her, she hiked up her red dress to reveal her smooth long brown legs, pushed her, d-cup, breasts up almost exposing her entire cleavage and grabbed my hand placing it on her warm wet pussy. I’m sure the taxi driver loved seeing Jessica turned on, but I was not feeling it. Don’t get me wrong, I love putting my cock inside of her, but ever since I met Janie I have been off. I grew relieved when she passed out in the middle of unbuttoning my flat-front wool trousers by Armani Collezioni. I’m not sure how she would have reacted to my soft, un-aroused penis.

The next morning I woke up exceptionally early — heading to the office in order to avoid talking to Jessica. I need to get back to my old self before Jessica suspects something is up and confronts me. Despite the nuance she has become, she still has some value I can use before I dispose of her.

Nothing exciting happened at work today. I called Janie’s business three times to hear her voice. Listening to Janie say “Steinway Real Estate this is Janie speaking” is soothing. She still has not accepted any of my friend requests through the multiple Facebook profiles I operate, but her husband Travis did add Grace Dionne — the scantily-clad slut profile I use to blackmail men after they send me nude pictures. I’m not yet sure how I want to manipulate Travis with Grace Dionne. I may start flirting with him to see how he reacts then go from there. Travis’ elderly mother accepted my friend request from Samantha Bolten. She put her home address on her Facebook page and I may send her a box of dead animals for fun. I’m thinking about sending Janie a friendly message from Samantha Bolten — seeing if she takes the bait of adding me. I’ll have to give it more thought.

I walked to Target around lunch time to pick up a few household items. The store was annoyingly busy. I can’t wait until Amazon takes over the world and drops these worthless inefficient brick and mortars to the ground. People, especially consumers turn me into an aggressive mess. It took all of the effort in me not to stab a fat blonde lady with faded trashy pink-stripes in her hair. She walked up to me with her wide stance hips, holey blue jeans and black tee-shirt with Tweety Bird on it asking me if I knew where the Graham Crackers were in her annoyingly obnoxious voice. I pictured stabbing her in the gut watching fat pour out. To control my urges I walked away without answering her stupid question ironically humming “It’s a Great Day to be Alive”, by Travis Tritt.

In the self-checkout line at Target I stared a baby directly in its eyes as it was looking over its mother’s shoulder as she held it. The baby was wearing a blue bag and pearls bodysuit by Sara Kety. It had white blonde hair that fluttered when anyone would walk past it and deep blue eyes that looked rather sad. If I had to guess, the baby had to have only been 6–9 months old. While the baby was struggling to get comfortable in its mother’s grip — wiggling its small fat white legs and softly cooing — I pictured slicing its throat — delightfully watching it squirm, scream and bleed down its mother’s back. Imagining the reaction and screams the mother would have seeing her baby die, filled me with happiness.

Later tonight I plan on killing someone. I am not sure who it will be or how I am going to do it — but it needs to happen. I feel like a long-drawn out murder will help get me back to my old self before I head back to the small town this weekend to visit Janie.

There’s a bum that hangs out on Bergen Street that I wouldn’t mind killing. I could easily entice the bum back to my condo with a bottle of liquor. However, I may head to Cielo’s and pick-up a couple of drunken models. I really wouldn’t mind having a threesome before ripping their intestines out and stringing them across my room. Finally there is a girl that has wanted to meet up with Brian Page (one of my fake Facebook profiles) for a while now. She has sent me multiple nude pictures of her in the past month and I find her rather attractive. Furthermore, she looks rather innocent and I wouldn’t mind turning her hook-up with Brian Page into an experience she will never forget. I guess we will have to see who the victim becomes and who the lucky ones are.