Welcome to Foundation Performance

Welcome to the Foundation Performance blog.

Foundation Performance is a performance development company focused on helping people turn their potential into elite performance. However, this blog has little to do with the services we provide — it’s simply a place to share ideas, resources and tools for anyone who’s looking to improve their performance.

Just to be clear from the start, we are not a fitness, or strength and conditioning outfit. We focus on improving performance by helping people raise their standard of excellence when it comes to planning, preparing and performing. A lot of our work is based on developing ‘winning’ habits and behaviours — the actions and behaviours consistently executed that lead to positive performance outcomes.

We also work a lot on the resilience side of performance, much of which is to do with the mental aspects of preparing, performing and persisting.

Now, I say ‘we’ a lot, but at this stage it’s mostly just me… My name is Dan Jackson and I’m a former professional Australian Rules Footballer who played for the Richmond Tigers in the AFL for 11 years between 2003–2014.

Anyone who hasn’t seen, or heard about, ‘Aussie Rules’ should definitely watch this video as it is a spectacle that cannot be explained in writing (and more often than not, can’t be explained in person either!)

Whilst it’s generally just me at the ‘coal-face’ delivering the talks and running the workshops, I work closely with a group of advisers with a diverse range or performance oriented backgrounds, ranging from: former NHL hockey players with psychology degrees and elite-level English crickets studying Masters in Sports Psychology, to global Athlete Development specialists and renown ‘high-performance’ coaches with experience in national sporting teams.

The ultimate goal of Foundation Performance is to help aspiring elite ‘performers’ — athletes, musicians, entertainers, entrepreneurs — anyone who’s aiming to compete at the top of their industry, optimise their performance and maximise their potential.

But, you’re probably wondering, ‘why should I pay any attention to the Foundation Performance blog?’ and that’d be a wise question to ask. I’ll start by stating why you shouldn’t: if you’re looking for ‘The Top 10 Things to do to be Successful’ — go to www.buzzfeed.com, you’ll find plenty of things to entertain you. None of it will likely actually make you perform any better but at least you’ll feel like you did something…!

If, on the other hand, you are genuinely looking to improve your ability to perform, AND you are prepared to do the hard work, then stay tuned — because we’ll be sharing the top strategies and processes used by the most successful people from across the world.

Ultimately, most of the messages and content that you will come across through Foundation Performance will be based on the following notion:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” — Aristotle —

Because, anyone who has been or has worked with people at the top of their game will tell you the same thing — success is built on a foundation of strong habits and behaviours.

There are no shortcuts to success. But, there are ways to make the journey easier, more efficient, and most importantly — more enjoyable.

So stay tuned…