Are you planning to start a startup in New York? New York is certainly bound to be the next innovation hub. You have talent, world-class education system, and funding coming in. We have tracked down all the startup resources in New York to help accelerate your startup. Let’s dive into some startup resources in New York:


Hackernest New York
NYC TechBreakfast
NY Tech Meetup
New York EdTech
Founders Friday NYC
Startup Grind NYC
Pitch Globally

Conferences and Annual Events

Cornell Entrepreneurship Summit
Startup Spectacular
The Future of Fintech
Next Gen Summit
Women Inc
TechCrunch Disrupt NYC
New York Health Forum
NY EDTech Week
Travel Disruption Summit
Tech Day HQ
Social Fresh

Planning to start a startup in Toronto? We are pleased to start a new series on Startup City Guide across the world. In this post, we bring you all the startup resources you need to know in Toronto. There are plenty of Toronto startups and exciting companies in the city. Toronto is Canada’s largest city with a population of over 2.5 million people and an annual growth rate of 0.86%. This urban city is a host to the CN Tower, the Toronto Maple Leafs, diverse restaurants, and cultural performances leaving individuals from every walk of life attracted to this city…

If you have a business idea chances are you’re thinking I’m going to start a company! Then you’re thinking let me incorporate, register, and whole lot more things that comes with it. All of sudden you find yourself into a big pile of mess! You have no customer and there’s no user and you spend over $5K in legal fees and registration and went no where. That’s the story of most first-time entrepreneurs. As matter of fact that’s what they teach in entrepreneurship centres: how to write a business plan and setup the business. In real life, no one cares…

Greetings World,

I’m super delighted to share our story with you. About three years ago, I started a small community of founders in Canada called Founders Canada. Initially, I was looking for a cofounder for my other startup and hoped to connect with the early-stage community. I wasn’t able to find any useful resources so I decided to do something about it. A group was launched with a few founders as way to share knowledge and experience. We all know the best startup advice comes from founders who have been there and already done it. Peer-to-peer support is huge in…

There is no doubt that marketing plays a huge role in recruiting. With all the noise out there in recruiting, brands have to stand out. With creative job ads you can potentially tap into some new talent sources. You need to attract the attention of people in order to get potential candidates. From our network, we bring you some of the most creative recent job ads:

1. Microsoft Recruiting Ad

This one definitely has our vote. The use of Microsoft’s own authentic office and combined with a zen feeling makes you go “hmmm…..I definitely want to apply to that job”. …

The story of startups. The roller coasters. There are many highs and lows! There are days when you can fly high and then there are days when you really need to “rise and grind”. Here are ten startup reactions you probably experience at some point running a startup, working at a startup or just starting out in the startupland!

1. When you are running the operation like a boss!

2. When you find that perfect cofounder after months and months of search.

We’re back with this week’s post on top recruitment videos and what makes a successful recruiting video. This is the first series we’re covering video recruiting. As we know, videos can be an extremely effective medium to broadcast your employer brand, work culture and why it’s awesome to work in your organizations. It increases brand awareness, generates more inbound hiring leads and needs to be incorporating as part of your overall recruitment strategy. What are some successful elements of recruitment videos?

Standing out. This is a time to be different. What makes your organization unique? …

Looking to start your own startup? What better place to test your ideas and get feedback than a startup competition. You can have the chance to practice your pitch, find a mentor, and get some outside perspective from potential clients. If you win a competition, you have the opportunity to win funding and make a name for you and your startup! Check out all the startup competitions below.

Spectrum Student Startup Competition Spectrum — McMaster Entrepreneurs
This startup competition is open to McMaster’s top student entrepreneurs. You can compete to win over $100,000 in cash prizes! …

We know startup hires are incredibly different than any other hires out there. It is a challenging task for any team. This is due to a number of reasons. Startups required highly skilled individual but with generalist skills. Sounds a bit contradictory. What this really means is that there are times where team members have to step into an area where they have no background or expertise. Having a “Jump in and Own it” trait is needed. For this week’s post, we bring you some tips from Transit App CEO — Sam Vermette. Transit app is an innovative mobile app…

Being an entrepreneur is no longer reserved for the tech specialists and people who have had years of experience in the business field. Students can now be entrepreneurs too! They just need a goal, a step by step plan, and a lot of motivation to get them there. To succeed as an entrepreneur whether you’re a student or not, you need to have a product that people absolutely need and can’t get out of their heads. After you have this, you’ll need a team to help get you there. But one of the most important things of all is believing…

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