Takeaway From This Election

One of the most important takeaways from this election should be just how easily the media can manipulate the public and just how easy it is for people to believe what they hear, without thinking objectively for themselves.

The Media’s collusion with the Clinton campaign has been proven. 65+ reporters and journalists were part of purposefully painting a dark and dividing picture of Trump (source: http://thefreethoughtproject.com/wikileaks-list-corporate-…/). It was even written in the Clinton campaign strategy. And “Smear campaigns” by the media are not new… Yet with Trump’s character on the show apprentice, personal flaws, and carelessly loose tongue, it made it all the more easy to paint him as a villain / bad person.

But building a wall was not about division, its about keeping out gangs and drugs that poison our youth. Putting a temporary ban on terrorist filled countries was not about racism towards Muslims its about keeping Americans safe. The man having many lawsuits doesn’t necessarily means he’s a con, every large successful business has many lawsuits, him not paying taxes doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a con, any business person is obligated, for the success of their business, and to their investors, to take advantage of the legal benefits that they are given, which in this case was his tax benefits.

Manipulation of words and meaning is not A NEW FEAT by the media. Repeating the words “hate, bigotry, racism, misogyny, xenophobia” almost everyday in every news cycle was just a small part of the agenda-written bullshit you have been fed.

Trump is straightforward, off the cuff, and a bit exaggerated with words, but largely for the right reasons. Peter Thiel summed it up well

“The media takes Trump literally but not seriously, while his supporters take him seriously but not literally.”

But for a moment just imagine if Trumps conviction, loyalty, and intelligence has been reported just as much? Or how good he is with kids, and how much of a good father he was at raising kids to have integrity, loyalty, hard work ethic, and to never drink, or do drugs. There are more than enough stories, videos, and quotes available to paint a completely different picture of him if they wanted to. Just imagine how less divided America would be right now?

People don’t vote for the bad things in a person, they vote for the good things. Before you start getting emotionally reluctant and develop a personal vendetta against Trump and his supporters, start thinking for yourself and be informed, especially about what wikileaks has been revealing the past couple months.

Fox News actually beat MSNBC and CNN combined in primetime and has been the highest-rated cable network during the day for most of the summer and fall. There is good reason for that, because stations like CNN have gone too far in colluding with the democratic party this time around (src: http://thefreethoughtproject.com/wikileaks-list-corporate-…/) and the American people are not completely blind to it. One may say “but CNN seems so authentic with varied panelists”. What you have to understand is, any News station can take anything out of context that they want, portray stories in any one sided way that they want, choose any panelists (weak or strong in subject areas) that they want to further solidify their stance more so than other stances, and on occasion a panelist will come on who emphasizes the true stances and comebacks that should be said, but it is rare, and even when it occurs, anchors will try to cut them off as often as they can.

There were very powerful people who had control over levers of power with special interests in politics, who also donated to Clinton to sustain that power. What you have seen throughout this election were largely a result of the actions by these people.