Bourbon and Apples

When your world is crashing down all around you, you need a good cocktail. But when all the inventory holds is some very cheap, very crappy bourbon you must improvise. Look around. A couple apples. Some brown sugar. Hmm. In a saute pan throw about two parts brown sugar to one part butter and a little water, and on low heat let it get happy. Slice some apples. Toss in some nutmeg, cinnamon or cloves if you wish. Throw some ice in the shaker. Add the sliced apples to the wet stuff in the pan, and let the apples soften a bit, so up the heat to medium or so. Gaze out the window and attempt a calm inner voice. Toss the apples around so all is fair, and try not to scream. You’ll know when the apples are soft — your nose will help, because it’s at that point when the apples really surrender their flavor. Take off the heat and let it cool, while you try to breathe slowly. Into the shaker pour the bourbon, and a little branch water wouldn’t hurt. Transfer the apple/brown sugar mixture to the shaker, and stir slowly counter-clockwise. A good chance to teach the young if there are millennials about, what this “counter-clockwise” nonsense is. Find a cocktail glass and garnish as desired, a lemon twist in one direction or an apple slice in another. Stir the mixture one last time and strain into the glass. Do not throw the plate of hors d’oeuvres across the room.