I love how scientific thinking can tell us things from evidence. A detective can look at footprints and determine that the suspect weighed 175 pounds, and wore L.L. Bean boat shoes. Archaeologists can study teeth from 5,000-year-old skulls, and conclude from minute residues that the person grew up in northern Europe, from unique foods eaten there. Astronomers can measure gravitational waves, and like looking at ripples in a pond, tell us that 130 million years ago two collapsed stars crashed into each other — galactic road rage. Those that study the Earth say, with the same certainly when the sun comes up every day, that human activity has impacted long-standing climate patterns — even long-term cycles — based on mountains of evidence. There’s record temperatures at cities everywhere, warming oceans, fish stocks moving and shrinking, and the number and severity of hyper-violent storms, hurricanes and fires resulting from overly warm air currents; this is far more destructive weather activity than normal. Global warming and the climate changing in dangerous ways is real, standing above your opinions.