Putin Teaches Junior to Dance

Vladimir Putin hand-picked Natalia V and Agalarov père et fils, and set a trap. Emin Agalarov, Aras’s son, had hat model Rob Goldstone make the first contact with Trump Junior, with an enticement the junior-league president’s son couldn’t resist. Junior, feeling left out as a bench-warmer, wanted to contribute and made dad proud. Junior probably didn’t know that even considering the meeting — say “intent” — with Kremlin-shark-lawyer Natalia was illegal, unethical, stupid, incompetent and naïve.

The Trump/Kushner Clan believe they are golden inside and out, can do no wrong and are above the law, and because they will always be billionaires cannot possibly be punished for doing anything wrong. Why not “take the meeting”? As soon as Junior, Kushner and Manafort walked into the Trump Tower room with Natalia, Putin knew he had them, and could start not only the blackmail fandango but also the octopus dance of election choreography.