2016 The Year of Saying “No”

There was a great article in the New York Times about 2016 being the year of saying no. It seems that trend is catching on a lot of places like no more crazy unicorn valuations, no more exessive consumerism and stuff, and saying no to the distractions that have invaded and depleted our focus, according to the Harvard Business Review. Well, 2016 will also be the year of saying no to giving up your privacy and control of the Internet. 2015 was the year of hacks and half-hearted attempts to remediate like tokens, extra passwords and simple notifications. 2015 was the year we shared over 50B pieces of content a day, peer-to-peer, across social messaging and storage networks where we had almost zero control of our identity and content.

2016 will be different.

2016 will usher in the era of the crowd over the cloud. It brings complete control over your identity, trusting your peers and sharing your content according to your rules — not the platform’s. From location, devices and timing to behavior, challenges and complete remote control, you can be the master of anything you share, anywhere, with anyone. Say “no” to the big guys running your digital life. Say “yes” to owning your stuff online. FourSure®.

Try it out. Happy 2016.