The three-story office building is nestled in a suburban Cincinnati business park, 30 minutes from Paul Brown Stadium and 2,000 miles from Los Angeles. It’s not sexy. It’s not flashy. It was my second home for the past seven years.

Welcome to Blue Ash.

When I arrived in January 2010, we were on the first floor — a crew of a baker’s dozen or so. The breakfast club roster included 10 or so computer engineers and developers, a couple graphic designers, couple co-ops and one content manager. After spending the previous seven years in broadcasting, my jump to the web was a humbling experience those first 12 months. But the guys on that first floor were patient, kind and navigated me through the learning curves of HTML, content management systems, and helped me wrap my head around an award-winning algorithm.

It’s the guys in that office you need to know about.

Without hyperbole and no offense to my past colleagues, I can honestly say those engineers, developers, IT architects, designers, and outside-the-box thinkers are the hardest working, most talented, intelligent, dream team I’ve had the pleasure of knowing in my professional career. Led by a guy who should have been celebrated on 40-under-40 lists in business journals, it didn’t take long for our first floor crew to outgrow our space. In the blink of an eye, we earned a penthouse promotion to the third floor. The baker’s dozen breakfast club eventually grew to a 30-man team. Why? They worked hard, hit deadlines and won the day time and time again.

Over the past six years, our engineers made quality games and contributors produced quality content. My sincere thanks to Halpin, Harmon, Beall, Westrich, Meyer, Mustain, Foster, Wichard, Singer, and Robb for your efforts to elevate our brand and status in a rapidly-evolving, $7.2 billion industry. We launched and produced podcasts, booted up a video production department (twice), embraced daily fantasy sports, which led to a DFS analysis and advice hub, and dominated the SEO game.

A special thanks to Tom Zentmeyer and Jim Bernard who stuck their neck out for me on more than one occasion.

The opportunities they and FOX Sports provided not only allowed me to lead the fantasy editorial team over the past six seasons, but — and this is important — afforded a chance to travel the world. If not for this gig, I don’t get to see the iconic Roman Coliseum or walk down Las Ramblas in Barcelona.

If all of this has been too flowery and dramatic, I’ll leave you with a fitting Sabermetric refresher. The batting average balls in play (BABIP) metric is one of a handful of stats used to project a player’s future progression/regression. In its simplest terms, it suggests if the player has been lucky or unlucky.

In 2016, Bryce Harper’s .243 batting average at the end of the season puzzled pundits. However, his .264 BABIP was 60 points below career norms. Harper’s effort was there, but luck wasn’t always on his side. Despite the rough year at the plate, he still managed to blast 24 homers.

My story from a third floor office, nestled in the suburbs of Cincinnati is similar. Luck may not have always been on our side, but boy did we smack some dingers.

To all our followers and owners on social media and the like, thank you.

To my colleagues, for all that you have done, are doing and will do in the future, thank you and good luck.

To my friends and family, thank you for your support and all the ups and downs that come with it.

To Amy, I love you.

All the best,

Ryan Fowler