Fuel for Thought

“Jerry please don’t mess with my perception algorithm, oh oh, Why do i see all in blue? What did I tell you Jerry, I know my code pretty well, now write the bracket back and please fix the oil leak” ushered his sound board

“ Sorry I wondered if its a coding issue”

“Then i would have visited the programming section of this hospital wouldn’t I Jerry, are you sure you are qualified to work with AI patients?”

“Sorry , its my first day, you are actually my first patient”

“Oh dear, matrix please spare me”

“ I am not that bad”

“That sentence has no logical basis, only you performing a truly great job would prove it to be false or true, so please change my fuel”

The young intern went to the instrument and picked an instrument that looked like a gun with a metal package filled with oiled attached to it, the mechanism worked like a paint gun but it had more precision and could insert oil in hard to reach spot throughout all the exoskeleton and wiring. He approached the open back casket , and put on the magnifying glasses

“Be careful”

“I will mister”

He inserted the tip of the gun in the carcass of the AI, and pressed a button to start the insertion of fuel in

“That’s the stuff”

The intern didn’t react to that, as he was very carefully trying not to inflate the circulatory system of the AI and cause an over lax movement of the appendages.

“You know whenever i change oil I feel like i was made today ,a fresh new batch right from the factory, the only parallel i can draw to humans is showering”

The intern was still concentrating his attention at the fuel change

“You dead there”

“Just trying not to fuck up, but yeah i heard your metaphor pretty quirky”

“Okay, keep working”

He went on working and the robot was analyzing the clinic that he visited every now and then. It was a dreary place all painted in gray and white, all the halls were straight every room was a carbon copy of the other, every floor looked the same, the architect really paid no attention to aesthetic tastes of AI’s.

“Why is this place so dark?”

“Well ,every robot clinic is the same”

“And am I a robot or an AI?”

“An AI”

“Then how do you explain this ?”

“ It’s hard to adapt to robots with actual feelings, and these buildings were built 5 years before the Embots”

“You are bad at foreseeing the future “

“That we are, sorry for nagging is the oil done”

“Yes” said the intern and rose while backing away

“Okay , the have a nice career, if i die today you made a bad mistake going to medical engineering as a college”

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