Sell Point

“Why the hell am I reading this”, he put down the paper on the bench and looked up at the sun shining through the leaves and yawned. It was a nice Sunday and he decided to spend his time in the park reading his favorite newspaper, but today the newspaper disappointed him, and so he decided to switch his attention to the beautiful chirping of the birds that hoped on branches and sang out of their beaks to the content of their hearts. The wind whistled through the pages opening up the bent paper on the side, and it did’t matter to him, the nature around , the leaves rustling, the ducks in a pond somewhere behind him, the lazy clouds moving slowly through the crystal clear surface of the blue sky amounted more awe inspiring affection than simple words typed away about nothing. “ What a nice day, damn i rarely have time to realize the beauty of this world, whelp its all because i spend too much time reading the paper, what a waste, I should drop my subscription”. Birds changed their songs, the wind got stronger and the god of news making ascended form the pond behind

“ How dare you disrespect news and desire to escape the tight leash of its words”

“What the..”

“Fear me human and pick up that gazette and read it and forget about the selling points of the real world, all you need is news about celebrities, political scandals , sport competitions, astrological charts and pages filled with Sudoku squares from the 80’s”

“ I will, oh monster, spare me”

“ Finally someone who doesn't react sarcastically to gods in this time and age” with those words the god disappeared in a puff of ink that spoiled the pond and made it poisonous for ducks for the next 50 years .

The man picked up the newspaper and read it for the rest of the day. Everyday after the incident he bought every newspaper available in the newsstands around his area. People at work called him the paper man, and when he was not present the paper boy, neither of the remarks meant make to feel him good about himself. He died 20 years latter suffocated by a mountain of newspaper that was occupying more living space than his bed and happened to fall on him. Only close family and the god of news making attended the funeral, the man’s soul was taken by the go of news making and to this day he is reading the sport pages in press heaven. So he totally did not miss the selling point of reading multiple sources of news

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