The Struggle

Struggle is a relative term.

Did we grow up with food and shelter and parents? — Yes

Did we have everything we want? — No

Were there times in our lives where we suffered or struggled? — Of course, but so does everyone else.

When people complain about things, be it Starbucks cups, a bad boss or even racism or prejudice, they have made a conscience decision to allow someone else or their circumstances to define them. They have made the decision to allow another persons view of them, to occupy their self.


Why do you care if some random guy in another state doesn’t see the value in you?

Why do you allow someone to cause you to rant on Facebook or curse on Twitter or worse yet, take to the streets and riot?

Are you that self conscience and fragile that you need to present yourself as a raging lunatic or even just a whiner on a social media site that mines every bit of data on you and your life in order to sell advertisers space to push their products to you?

Think it through, is it really worth your time or is there something better, more enjoyable that you could be doing?