Renovation Update 12

It has been far too long!

Our big push was to complete a majority of the renovation by Kid’s Camp in late July. Through a crazy push and amazing volunteers, we were able to be Kid’s-Camp-ready by the start of the first day! The space was used fantastically as we utilized our new screen, lights, carpet, trees, teepee, and much more!

This week, we have been finishing the tech peices that were unnecessary for Kid’s Camp, but key in the long-term use of our new space.

We also have been working hard to setup our classrooms in such a way that is organized and useful for our teachers, as Fall Kickoff is just around the corner! We hope you’ll join us on September 18th!

There are still a few more elements we are looking forward to adding by kickoff, so don’t forget to come down and visit FoxIslandKids to see all the additions and how we are striving to steward our new space to reach our kids and Fox Island for Jesus!

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