How To Buy A Lawn Mowing Franchise In Australia?

At last statistical estimate there were over a million families all over Australia who wished they could call a number and have someone come over and expertly mow their lawn at a competitive price. Let us take a look at why a lawn mowing franchise would be profitable and how to buy a lawn mowing franchise in Australia.

The questionnaire asked the garden owning families if they mowed their own lawns. All most all responded with yes they did but wished they didn’t have to. When asked what stopped them from calling a professional lawn care or lawn mowing service provider they responded with “we assume the costs would be too high”.

So it there potential? Absolutely! One enterprising lawn mowing franchise owner in Adelaide said he offered free lawn mowing as part of a weed control program. Customers thought “wow — that’s a two-in-one deal” — one that took care of two essential problem areas faced by every garden and lawn owner. Now, that lawn mowing franchise owner has difficulty keeping up with the new customers. If you are willing to put in the effort, are intelligent and enterprising enough, this business has a huge potential.

Did you know that Bill Vis started the first lawn mowing services way back in ‘79? Yup, he did that. Of course (thanks to his advertising), lawn mowing was made famous by Jim Penman and his Jim’s Mowing business. Today Fox Mowing is one of the bigger players especially in and around Sydney. Sure there are others including Jim’s Mowing, but none like Fox Mowing.

Would you also be surprised to know that you could start your own lawn mowing services with an investment that was as low as just $5,000? The parent mowing company will lease you all the equipment you require. You get their name, equipment, training, tools and everything else you require to grow into a flourishing lawn mowing business.

What you need to do is to check and see if there are any Fox Mowing franchises in your area because Fox Mowing will not sell more than one franchise in a particular area. But hey, if there already is an existing lawn mowing franchise know what you can do? — Find out if that owner is willing to sell it to you. Often times, the owner grows old and would love to sell his business so he put his boots up. So check it out because if you strike a deal than wham — you’ve not only got yourself a running business, you already have customers on the list. What could be better?

The only qualification you need to buy a Mowing Franchise Opportunities in Australia is, love of plants, thirst for knowledge and plant care, and of course, dedication to your service. The parent franchise will give you all the training you need and you can also call their technical support number any time — you’re never alone you’ve got an entire support team behind you. So if you come across a strange problem and don’t know how to proceed? Just call that number. If required they will even send someone out to check out the problem.

Once again, the best Lawn Care Services In Australia Services in Australia is Fox Mowing and you can visit their website here:

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