In the blockchain world, there is always an account address corresponding to our digital assets, which can be used for transaction signatures only with a key (called the private key) to the account. The digital wallet is a tool for users to manage their private keys. …

Currently, Fox Wallet supports Chinese and English, and you can switch the language on the wallet settings page.

Fox Wallet supports multiple sets of seed phase, each of which can derive multiple accounts through the BIP44 protocol, and each account corresponds to a unique private key and address.

The multi-account…

Filfox has introduced Fox Wallet, a multi-platform protocol-agnostic cryptocurrency wallet to the Filecoin (FIL) community. Fox Wallet serves as a better choice for the entrance to the web3.0 world. On the basis of supporting multiple seed words, blockchains, currencies, and accounts, the wallet provides convenient management and collaboration tools for…

FoxWallet Official

A friendly multi-chain wallet built for Filecoin Ecosystem and DeFi. Telegram:

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