Oppression and Identities

It’s like a food chain. Who’s at the bottom? Who has it the worse? Whose humanity is always being questioned?

And yet our identities are interlocked. I am a cisgender, bisexual, Black woman who is poor. Race, sex, gender identity (how I choose to present), and my class status daily affect me for better or worse.

I want to severe my tie from capitalism. It daily infringes on my self determination. Learning how to become more free under this system is draining on some days. But I know that there are everyday necessities that I do not have to worry about due to my gender identity. For the most part, I will never get fired for being a cisgender woman, although I may receive less pay than a cisgender man. My race may definitely play a part in whether I am hired. But because I’m a light skinned Black woman, I benefit from colorism.

What’s at the bottom of all of this? How can I celebrate my queerness, Blackness, and womanhood? How do I define myself apart from the multifaceted hurdles I daily face?

Sometimes I feel like it’s impossible.