Black History Month at ASU

As black history month nears its end, Arizona State University recently released an impactful video on pressures and obstacles that African-American students have encountered. This video received a great amount of attention through social media platforms. The question that still remains however is do students feel that ASU puts enough focus on the African American community during this month and throughout the year.

Screenshot of Webpage

The title of the video that has had positive reviews in the local college community is African American 101. The video was produced in collaboration between ASU and the Black African Coalition. The video has over 20,000 views on Facebook, and over 60 interactions on twitter. Deanna Dent the creator and author of the content on the webpage said the purpose of the video was to expose the greater ASU community to the experiences of black students on campus. When discussing the most impactful stories she heard during the recording of the video she said “I was shocked at some of the experiences that people shared to me, I didn’t think those were still going on in 2016, in the middle of one of the largest cities in the United States.”

Creator of African American 101, Deanna Dent

There are people who are responsible for creating several events during black history month. Deborah Cox, Assistant Director of the Center for the Study Race and Democracy said this year she wanted to focus on education people on stories of the past. She said” it’s an honor and a privilege to be able to do this type of work and very grateful that ASU is an organization that does not just say they are interested on doing these type of things on paper but that they actually do it.

Event hosted by sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha

Jamil Dowadu who was also featured in the ASU Now video believes that the university has some work to do. His thoughts were that “ASU could do a lot better job in making sure that the programs going on and the cohesiveness of all the coalitions is something that could be enhanced and make students want to be a part of it.

It may be difficult to provide great experiences for African American students as they only represent less than four percent of the overall student population on campus. There has been an expanded effort by ASU ad student organizations like the Black Africa Coalition to honor black history month.

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