NBA Most Valuable Players with Most Style: James Harden

Photo from GQ Style

One of the top two players this season he also has been getting the attention off the court with his fashion statement. Harden has done an excellent job in trademarking himself within the NBA and with his style. In an interview with GQ magazine he had this to say “We have 82 games a season, and the cameras are always on us. I like to showcase my personal style each night; it’s my version of dressing up for the office.” “Fear the beard” it’s a slogan that now is what we know as James Harden. For me to give someone ultimate respect when it comes to the style game is if they bring something unique to the table. That is what makes the beard iconic and what makes harden iconic his style of play, his mannerisms, his wardrobe is all unique. Therefore, I think the NBA loves him as a figure because he is a perfect player to market across the world.

Photo from wikimedia

James Harden also has signed to the athletic apparel brand, Adidas. With his collaboration with the brand he has made it point this shoes and clothes, people can wear them on and off the court. Especially the shoes that they visually appealing enough to be worn casually and durable enough to drive to the lane and stop on a dime. Fashion and the NBA are similar in that if you keep doing the same thing the same moves, wear the same clothes, and don’t bring anything new to the table then you will follow the trend, instead of being a trendsetter. James Harden is a trendsetter when it comes to fashion and on the court as he is balanced but also adds so much finesse.

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