NBA Most Valuable Players with Most Style: Russel Westbrook

Photo from Zack Becker

Westbrook on the court he flashy, he is bold, he demands attention from everyone in the arena. His wardrobe matches those same characteristics. When you think of fashion and sports, Russel Westbrook comes to mind first. He has so many critics about how he approaches his game and he has critics about what he wears. Some people think that he is too much, but truly Russel Westbrook is not afraid of anything and people struggle to understand the concept of having no fear. Westbrook is not afraid to put on something that is different and has not been seen before. Athletes tend to be boxed into a certain way of how to act and how to represent their teams and league well.

Photo from wikimedia

That is an issue that professional sports organizations have when managing their athletes. Everyone is different, athletes like Russel Westbrook are versatile and courageous when it comes to creativity. To try to control that type of individual is creating unnecessary conflicts. If the athlete is not being inappropriate which Westbrook has not at least when it comes to expressing his fashion sense. You would be surprised on how much he knows about the fashion industry. There is a plethora of interviews that feature Russel Westbrook discussing fashion and his style.

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