Introducing Foxxies

What are the Foxxies?

The core idea behind Foxxies is to create a community of people who will jointly own and manage a Foxxies’ DAO Curated (DAO Digital Art Curated Platform). The collection has a size of 4501 NFT Foxxies, whereby each holder gets to proportionally co-own the DAO. Foxxies will jointly decide which artists will conduct drop of their NFT collections on the DAO. On top of this, each Foxxie holder gets access to the Den, a space to discuss NFT, network and connect to take the space to the next level.

Foxxie Collection

The collection is made of 4501 Foxxies. It is possible to mint Foxxies on 12.9. on the official website . Each Foxxie holder automatically enters the Den and gets a seat at the curation board of the Foxxies’ DAO Curated.

Besides, each Foxxie holder is eligible to claim 1 Pixel Foxxie. We will reveal sneek peaks after 88% of the primary Foxxies will have been minted. The Pixel Foxxie can be resold on the secondary market, however it does not secure a spot at the Curation Board, unlike the Primary Foxxie. Holding a Pixel Foxxie gives access to the whitelist of the NFT drops that will launch on the platform.

What is the Den?

Every one of the Foxxie holders gets to belong to the Den. The purpose of the club is to be an exclusive space full of highly passionate people who want to take NFT space to the next level.

As a member of the Den, you’ll be able to automatically secure for yourself access to overhyped and highly-expected NFT collection drops at the Foxxies’ DAO Curated. As a club we will launch are own DAO Curated Digital Art Platform where we jointly decide which artists will drop their NFT collections.

What is Foxxies’ DAO Curated?

The Den will have its own tokenized DAO Curated Art Platform, which is going to be revealed after the distribution of the 4501 core foxxies will be finished. Each foxxie holder will have a vote over which projects will launch on the platform. 4501 foxxie holders will jointly own a curated art platform and decide which projects should launch!

After the4501 foxxies are distributed, the Foxxies Curation Board will be immediately formed.

The platform will collect fees that will be then equally dispersed among the core 4501 foxxie holders. Voting will be regularly held to decide about the most important developments within the platform.

What will happen after the end of the Foxxie mint?

After all 4501 Foxxies are distributed among the holders, we will start to work hard on the Foxxies’ DAO Curated. The curation board will be immediately formed whereby all major decisions will be jointly taken through voting, first voting will happen over decision on which blockchain should be the platform build.

You can resell your Foxxie in the secondary market and you will retain your memebership in the Den, however your spot in the curation board of the Foxxies’ DAO Curated will be given to your successor to whom you sold the Foxxie.

Foxxies Socials

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A collection of 4501 NFT Foxxies, each granting access to the Elite Club and holding spot in the Curation Board of DAO Digital Art Curated Platform.