Dear White Feminism Writers, Just Admit You Hate Black Women.

“Yeah, we ‘bout to get into it. Get your mugs ready.”

We already know the truth. We’re just waiting on Y’ALL to be honest ‘bout it.

By FoxyJB

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Beyonce’s recent performance at the Grammys was a sight to behold. It was a testament to the blackity-black-black women-empowerment message and affirmation of her Black femininity that was her visual and audio album, LEMONADE. It was also a moment of further celebration of the impending arrival of her twin babies.

Serena Williams took us behind the scenes of her recent photo shoot for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. For her, it was important to let the world and women with her body type and build know that they, too, are beautiful, that love for one’s self and body is important, and celebrating that is okay.

And, on cue, whenever Black women celebrate and affirm ourselves in any way, the Bitter Becky writers of White Feminism deems our acts “bad”, crawl out from their White Supremacist caves and pen their Anti-Black Woman vitriol op-eds disguised as “thinkpieces” on how 2 of the most talented, beautiful and celebrated Black women celebrities of our time are eroding women’s equality for the umpteenth time, which is what White feminist women Sinead Kissane and Naomi Schaefer Riley have done with their faux-equality-concern trolling writings on the NY Post and for Independent.

And underneath this seemingly intrinsic need for White women to shit on everything Black women do runs this antiquated idea of how women should express their feminism: divorced from affirmation of and for our bodies as well as our minds and accomplishments, aka the tired “Beauty vs Brains” trope. Last time I checked, part of being a feminist is destroying the notion that women HAVE to be one certain way, that certain arbitrary characteristics are not compulsory to build one’s life around in order to be considered a woman. Both Beyonce and Serena Williams embody the full package: that with enough work, talent, luck, and self love, women can be whatever we WANT to be; we can live our full lives being our true selves, and define femininity for ourselves and NOT for a patriarchal society.


I forgot to mention, as long as body affirmation is done in a way White Feminism deems acceptable, it’s A-OK!! Like how Lena Dunham is always given praise for showing her body in sex scenes in her milktoast show “Girls” or in whatever photoshoot she’s doing for whatever mainstream White magazine that doesn’t cater to my demographic, anyway. And doesn’t CARE to. Or whenever Amy Schumer does or says something White Feminism deems empowering enough, affirmation for different body types as well as accomplishments isn’t “eroding equality”. But whenever Black women do it, it’s a catastrophe!

Why is that, besides the aforementioned racist double standards? I wonder if deep down, White Feminism is doing the EXACT SAME THING White America does when it comes to Black bodies….sexualizing and HYPERsexualizing us, objectifying us, becoming so jealous that they hide that jealousy behind faux concern for “equality”, while Black women see the jig for what it is: White Feminism writers are no different from the slavemistress who was jealous of her slavemaster husband’s proclivity for seeking sexual gratification with — -re: RAPING — -the inferior and supposedly ugly Negress slave wench. Just by existing, the Negress posed a threat to the Slavemistress, and so she took her jealousy and anger at her husband’s betrayal out on the Negress, and White Feminism continually does this to Black women, ESPECIALLY BLACK WOMEN CELEBS. Our affirmation of our Blackness, our achievements, our talent, and YES, OUR HISTORICALLY SHUNNED YET STILL BEAUTIFUL BLACK BODIES, are seen as a threat to White Feminism, so they have to reduce us to ONLY taking stock in our bodies, and not the entirety of our being. They HAVE to shit on our celebration for being able to bring life into the world in the face of fertility issues and histories with miscarriages and having our children taken away, this world, in which White society has perpetuated the racist lies that Black women are hyper-sexual, and that our supposed hyper-sexuality makes us unfit as mothers, even though OUR BODIES WERE USED TO RAISE, NURTURE, AND WET-NURSE WHITE CHILDREN!

And I am SICK of this concern trolling. I am sick of sharing a movement with women who say they’re for equality, but have an antiquated and RACIST lens and praxis on going ABOUT said equality. So, please, Bitter Becky writers of White Feminism, JUST ADMIT THAT YOU HATE BLACK WOMEN. Stop pretending that you give a damn about any woman that isn’t White and/or doesn’t follow your toxic definition of feminism and equality. Black women will continue to affirm ourselves, and define our feminism, femininity, and OURSELVES FOR OURSELVES, lest we get swept up in your Anti-Black, Anti-woman perspectives of us and be eaten ALIVE.