What’s going on in the world of French Admin?! If I told you everything, I could write an incredibly effective bed-time story ensuring excellent zzzzz’s all round, so here’s a summary of the important bits!

Read on if you receive RSA from the CAF, if you have kids in school or collège, or have received your final tax bill for 2015 earnings… Otherwise, move on and prosper, and tell me in comments what you want to read about — if it’s French admin related then bring it on!

RSA — Revenue de Solidarité Active

1st September 2016 saw a 2% increase in RSA (following a 1% rise in April 2016), bringing the monthly payment to those entitled from 524.66 € to 535.17€.

This means-tested support is awarded by the CAF — Caisse des Allocations Familiales — who have some interesting tactics for getting information from you, and to whom you must declare all income, each trimester in order to receive RSA.


The Department of Education now offers an online tool to find the weekly schedules at your child’s school.

Since 2014 new principles have been implemented to organise school times, staggering 24 hours of weekly teaching into 9 half-days that include Wednesday mornings, 5h30 maximum in a day, 3h30 half-days and a lunch break of 1h30.

Enter your town and school on the page in this link to download the information for your child’s school.

College Scholarships — Bourse des collèges

Applications must be made between now and 18 October 2016, and the forms can be found in the Resources Section on the French Admin Solutions website.

For the next school year, first of all the income limits were raised and, secondly, the regulation was harmonised so that a college student can continue to benefit from a high school scholarship — bourse en lycée, if the status and income of their parents remain unchanged.

College scholarships will be paid in 3 equal parts to the adults in charge of the schoolboy who made the application, and the quarterly amount is set at € 28, € 77 or € 120, depending on family resources.

For half-boarders and residents, the cost of food and accommodation are deducted from payments.

The Ministry of Education provides families with a simulator to assess the amount of the scholarship they will receive; follow the link and complete the information requested in this form:

Income tax — Impôts sur le Revenu

You should have received you final income tax bill, according to the schedule I shared in July and if that states that you still owe money then please note that this needs to be paid by 15th September 2016, or by 20th September 2016 if you pay online.

Remember that next year everyone will need to be declaring and paying online, so open your account here to familiarise yourself with the website.

There we have it! Let me know in comments if there’s a particular admin procedure that’s driving you nuts, or if you want me to look into a particular topic for you, or hey, if you just want to say Hi!


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