The Person in the Mirror

The person in the mirror is more beautiful than I

Without hesitations, missteps and scars.

With the benefit of gazing at me from the outside

A safe distance from pettiness and minutia.

The person in the mirror is smiling at the future

Taking it in stride, not swayed by clatter.

Knowing exactly what to do, where to go, how to act,

Seeing life not as beads on a string, but as a tapestry of patterns.

Contented with a life well lived, knowing it had meaning

And purpose, and happiness, and history, and direction,

And ideals, and passion, and convictions, and dignity,

And tenacity, and vision, and wonder, and action.

The person in the mirror is watching me from behind my own eyes

And in the light shining in those eyes I read nothing but love.

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