Proposal for Fractal Flows tokens

In the Fractal Flows ecosystem, we propose that three tokens be in circulation. An endowment token (Kbit), a speculative token (Flows) and a reputational token (Fractal).

Following along the same theme outlined in an earlier article, we would like to propose an econo-financial and econo-incentive token system that combines:

  • a nudge research income to incentivise scientific & engineering contributors (Kbit token)
  • a reputational token for those un-interested in research income (Fractal token), andto incentivise “proper” settlement of a claim.
  • and finally a speculative aspect to create liquidity and incentivise externalities (Flows token).

Who knows, such a blockchain-based-token-system might prove futile for open science & engineering activities. However, Fractal Flows is an open system, where society’s beliefs, perceptions and impressions about a claim are fused with the sciences’ data, evidence and facts; and this might prove to be the secret sauce for a successfull blockchain-based-token-system for open science! We will never know unless we try and fail, or try and succeed.

The Kbit, Flows and Fractal tokens.

Now, in the above picture it seems as if contributors (agents) supporting the claim and contributors refuting the claim are in competition. Anything that smacks of a competition is indeed a desctruction of knowledge (Taleb). The Kbit token might help resolve this issue by acting as a medium allowing contributors to exchange knowledge bits amongst each other when deemed necessary in the process of supporting or refuting a claim. Contributors supporting the claim and contributors refuting the claim must actually be viewed as peers and collaborators and not competitors. The Kbit token scheme must have a built-in mechanism to actively support this view.

We will elaborate and give more details in future articles, as the ideas become more concrete.

Here goes nothing. Happy to hear / read any comments. Please feel free to destroy this idea (and please be analytical about it).